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Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a Reason. 

Puebla's cathedral is the tallest in Mexico. This is the view from the rear. We're heartbroken to have apparently lost a roll with views from the front, along with pictures from other places in Puebla.

There's a lot of yellow in Puebla and Cholula, including the Teatro Principal, one of the oldest theaters in the Americas, dating to the mid 1700s.
Plaza outside the Teatro Principal.
This Church was near to Andrew's university. We don't actually know it's name. But we like the roof.

Our fair city. Home to many churches, many built as a result of Cortez' rage after being ambushed by the Cholultecos. Cholula, a major pre-Columbian religious center, is reputed to have had 365 pyramids. After the attack on Cortez, he had all of them dismantled (except for the Great Pyramid, which was overgrown and they decided to just build a church on top of.

Three views of El Templo the Nuestra Seora de los Remedios - the church on the pyramid.
El Templo de San Gabriel, view from on the Great Pyramid.
Celebratory flower faade at the entryway to the three-church complex in the center of Cholula. San Gabriel is one of those churches - you can see it's entryway through the left gate. 
El Santuario de Guadalupe, set up for the festival on 

the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

On the street outside the Parroquia de San Pedro, with VW Beetles, a cyclist, and fruit vendors.
Looking towards Mt. Iztacchuatl across some of the Cholula skyline, that amazingly manages to aviod any prominent churches. But does include a little red roof.. 




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