We were bound and determined not to miss Baltimore's Kinetic Sculpture Race the first chance we had. Which was this year. And, fortunately, Emily, Spencer, & Cherry were determined not to miss it either. We all had to take off early due to respective choir concerts (Soren's & Spencer's), and we (or mostly me) hadn't completely figured out the best strategy for catching as much of the action as possible in the relatively short time we had. But we enjoyed ourselves, and it just whetted my appetite for next year. I won't explain the event too much, but it's basically an artistic/engineering/athletic extravaganza. With an ample sense of humor. That's a quadfecta not often achieved. The link above provides extensive info for the curious. 


First Zoe, Soren, and I (with a couple of our feathery masquerade masks) caught a number of the kinetic sculptures near the start of the race by the Inner Harbor. 







For anyone who wasn't certain, that last one is a wombat, from the Wilma & the Wombats entry. Shortly after that picture we met up with the Em/Spen/Cherry crew who were stationed at the north side of the harbor. To be full participants and eligible for the major awards, the sculptures must be able to travel by sea as well as by land. So we hightailed it over to the Canton neighborhood where the vehicles were to make their splash downs. (Note that the SpenCher duo came festively--and fantastically--attired for the occasion. But where's Emily?!). 



At first the Fire Engine looked like it was going to have a tough time maneuvering in the water. But it righted itself and made its way out in time to serve as background for a final picture before the CWs had to take off to send Zoe to studio to work on a site plan and Soren to his choir dress rehearsal. So we desgraciadamente missed the Patterson Park obstacle course and other afternoon events. Next year. Next year.



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