Art, Cheesesteaks, NYC, and gardening! It's Clarkwest summer 2007!


In July, we hit Baltimore's big outdoor art festival, Artscape. We started with a trip on the ferris wheel. Here's the view from above looking down, and views of the three of us in the basket.






We found this lovable squirrel there. But don't tickle him under the chin. He doesn't like that.




Nana Jane also came to visit in July, and we decided to take a road trip to Philadelphia. Soren entertained himself by taking pictures from the back seat of the car.




The highlight for Soren? The trip to Cereality, of course. The trip to Jim's Steaks (for cheesesteaks) went off without any photodocumentation.

We did take pictures of people with the liberty bell. But the humans in the picture had a problem getting their faces all looking toward

the camera, with eyes open, etc. at the same time. But a picture of the bell is below.





In August, Andrew had a conference to attend in Manhattan, and Zoe and Soren came along. The highlight for Soren there was the time sitting in the hotel room watching TV. Sadly

for Soren, we made him leave the hotel to run around the city on several occasions. Happily, we were staying near Times Square, with it's multitude of huge TV-ish

screens running various ads. After walking around there for a while, Soren exclaimed, "I love New York!" Apart from the emotional high of the high-wattage ad viewing,

Soren also did things like climbed a 12,000 footer (or something like that) in Central Park and visited FAO Schwartz. The picture of Zoe is from The Cloisters. She

liked it. You should ask her for futher details.





Lastly, Zoe's been spending a lot of time with lawn and garden work. Picture of old weedy front garden is followed by picture of not weedy new garden. Zoe has further plans for it, but it's a great improvement.








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