Spencer, Cherry, Emily, and Coreen spent Christmas and New Years here in B'More with us.  We didn't get photos of quite everything, like the spirited rendition of Guadete (that, with six different solo opportunities, featured solos by just about everyone--including Andrew), Andrew's excitement upon opening the Patridge Family Christmas album, casserole making for the local homeless shelter, or the funny hat-wearing during the playing of Great Dalmuti, but we do have a few pieces of the celebrations photodocumented below. This page also does not include the Clarkwest Family photos taken by Emily at Spencer's concert shortly before Christmas, which can be found here.


Spencer has catalogued a number of the events here, including the creation of a bit of an odd gingerbread neighborhood.  Here Cor and Zoe work on their lighthouse. 

Coreen & Zoe's Lighthouse


In the dining room, Soren and Emily work on their Indian balcony, taken from a book on Mother Teresa. I believe the balconies had just suffered it's first of what would ultimately be two collapses. Cherry and Spencer's work is in the background....   

Soren & Em's Balconies



And here they are working on a version of the old statehouse in Boston (Andrew also contributed some to this design).  It was really, really lovely upon completion, but tragically I didn't manage to get a picture of it before the roof collapsed under the weight of the scores of M&Ms that covered it.. 

Spencer & Cherry with the Old Statehouse





As per Clark family tradition, the Christmas celebrations did include a puzzle. I believe these shots really capture the intensity of the action as folks attacked the challenge.




Triumph! In 6 minutes, 47 seconds.


Prior to the singing and reading festivities on Christmas Eve, we trekked to Hampden, our neighboring neighborhood to the south, to check out the Miracle on 34th Street.  I didn't manage to get any particularly good pictures capturing the street, but you've all seen one shot of the street from our Christmas cards, and there are photos and even video clips (see also here) around elsewhere.  We'd been by it much earlier in the seasion, but  on Christmas Eve it was definitely a mass of humanity.  And a lot of fun.





Then there was the traditional Christmas Eve events and Christmas morning stuff, but no worthwhile photos emerged of those. The worthwility of the pictures we got of us playing ladderball may also but debatable, but here are a couple anyway. First Spencer making a throw, then folks showing off the results (I think Soren et al.'s was artificially augmented after the fact).


Spencer & Ladderball




Coreen spent a few days with us between Christmas and New Years. On Friday, Zoe, Soren, & Cor went to DC. Not exactly the first time for her, I suppose, but the Capitol sites never get old, right?

Soren & Coreen in DC

Then New Years Eve happened, but as you might expect the festivities were just too crazy (and by "too crazy" I mean "not crazy enough") to put on film. Or jpg. Whatever. But, in keeping with CW family tradition, we did go on a New Year's Day walk. Fortunately the weather obliged nicely.

We walked up through the chi chi neighborhood just north of our house.

New Years Walk in Roland Park 

Then back down along (and across) a trail and stream that's over to the east a bit.


And off we go. Best wishes for the new year to you!


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