A few photos of Detroit erosion from a recent drive with Zoe's sister Amie.


Great old building. Not sure what it was used for. Now apparently it's used by kids to show of the most impressive place they can paint their names.





This shell, smaller and in better shape, is just waiting for you to move in.




The Detroit Tigers now play in (the more attractive) Comerica Park. Some folks are (for some reason) trying to preserve the old Tiger Stadium.





Two shots from the less-revived parts of downtown.






This house is on a fantastic (in multiple uses of the term) street -- with a mix of beautiful, well-kept houses and some abandoned ones, though none in quite the shape that this previously-gorgeous place is now in.










Detroit used to have a million residents. Now it has about 300,000. What happens when that many people move out? The houses eventually disappear -- to be replaced by prairie. Now one can find blocks with only one or two houses on them tha previously held dozens. You can suddenly feel like you're out in the country -- if not for the skyscrapers on the horizon.









Of all the surreal sights in Detroit, the most outlandish that we ran across that was this house, which I later learned was part of artist Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project.











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