Soren's elementary school graduation. June 2006.

Soren receiving his diploma.


Soren and his fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Giacherio



Bulldogs Baseball. July 18, 2006.

Soren and teammates sharing some sunflower seeds in the dugout while a comrade is up to bat.


Soren gets his turn. The protective mask that the kids have now is useful, but it reduces the quality of at-bat photos.


But, here's one of those pitches around the head area where the potential usefulness of the mask becomes evident.

Not having been taken with a stereo camera, it's tough to tell that this pitch, apart from being at ear level (which

is obvious), was also perilously inside (as you can tell from the grave concern on the face of the opposing coach).


Given the pitcher's wildness, Soren finds himself on base. But the Bulldog's opponents are miraculously

successful in catching two consecutive fly balls, leaving Soren stranded on first.



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