CAMBRIDGE - JUNE 7-11, 2006

"Wait, Andrew, didn't you graduate back last year some time."

Yes, I know it's confusing, but Harvard only holds commencement once per year--in June--so if you finished up within the previous 12 months, then that's when you walk. Unless you choose not to. It's a free country after all.

On Wednesday the 7th we drove the "Hall of Fame Corridor" between Ann Arbor and Cambridge -- so-dubbed because the route contains the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY, the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY, and some Hall of Fame or of Commemoration or something to that effect in Ontario. Yes, we took the Canadianly route this time, which is actually the most direct route. Canada isn't on the way to much -- othern than maybe the North Pole or the shortest direct route from Boise to St. Petersburg -- but part of Ontario is directly situated between Michigan and Massachusetts.

Of course, you can also take the southerly route through Ohio which will bring one reasonably close to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and right past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (though you miss the Boxing, Women's, and that Canadian one). And we've done that too. But, somehow, we haven't stopped at any of them on any of the trips. As shown below, we did take a quick peak at Niagara Falls on the way back from Mass Chuse to the Ace Deuce this time around though.

Anyway, after that day-long trip, we arrived in Cambridge for three straight days of rain--and one of sun. But, fortunately, the rain was less hard on Thursday than had been predicted, so I did not end up soaking the gown. That's good since when I arrived to pick it up that morning there was a sign warning graduates not to wear clothes that they cared about keeping under their gowns since they were likely to bleed if moist. It would be nice to know that kind of thing before showing up without an extra change of clothes. Fortunately, though red, my gown remained blessedly unbled.



The Big Moment. Symbolically, at least. And Harvard has a nice tradition of allowing offspring to join one

onstage for the walk-across the stage. Photo from the back since that's where Zoe happened to be positioned.


Here we add a front-view picture. With improved lighting it also allows for a clearer view of the

tasseled throw pillow that Doctoral grads are privileged to wear on their heads. Readers with

discerning eyes and who paid close attention to the introduction will have deduced that this

picture was shot our fourth day in Cambridge, not on Commencement Thursday. Any other day

would have left no trace of sun. And more distinct traces of umbrellas. But Zoe and Soren would

have looked radiant regardless.


We'll move on with the day, but, for the insatiable, more regalia shots can be found here.


Immediately following Commencement we partook in the ancient and hallowed New England tradition

of post-graduation bowling. But, this being New England, it was, of course, of the candlepin variety. For

those who unfamiliar, the pins and ball are smaller than in conventional ten-pin.

Here, Mom and Dad show off their candlepin (and shoe) style.



Now Clarkwest style. First, Zoe and Soren practice their synchronized bowling technique.

Soren's patented high-speed wind-up that cannot be captured by conventional shutter speeds.   Andrew's disappearing/reappearing cap trick and mind-meld ball control technique (frame 3)


The bowling was followed by some gastronomical pleasure. A visit by a Thai joint in Arlington included receipt

of celebratory gifts including a suitably professional leather attaché.

Which, after some consternation, Andrew did eventually figure out how to open.


Friday included a trip with the parents to the JFK birthplace (a natural choice, of course), and a

long-awaited return to Burdick's, Zoe and Andrew's much-loved chocolate paradise.


The next two days were spent with old friends from Cambridge (actually, for Soren much of Friday

was also as he attended classes at the Amigos School). Get-togethers, parties, etc. from morn until eve.

A lot of fun, but without much photo documentation, other than a few shots of Soren with friends.


Liam (piano and aikido master) and Soren play a duet. Mancala with Alejandra and Isabela

Soren, Jonah, and Sophia with a pump used to launch two liter bottles.

Alë & Isa's dog Luna, always cognizant of the importance of water conservation, takes care of the dishwashing duties.


On the way back we took a quick peek at Niagara. Where Andrew's head was magically touched by a rainbow.


The end.



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