Yes, the day we've all been waiting for (or at least a few of us have) finally arrived. As with the Supreme Court, you don't take pictures during the actual procedings. Said procedings consisted of me showing Power Point slides with words, tables, and pretty graphs for about half an hour, then another thirty minutes or so of questions from my dissertation committee (and answers from me). After that finished, I and the other friends and colleagues who were kind enough to attend were shooed out of the room while the committee made me do the requisite sweating over whether they were going to give me good or bad news.


Waiting, and trying to look confident and chipper.




Finally, Orlando Patterson (my committee chair) and David Ellwood emerge (Sandy Jencks, the third committee member, was present only by teleconference) and say "Congratulations Dr. Clarkwest! Now come in here while we give you a couple more critiques, suggestions, and maybe a compliment or two."


After that's said and done, all that's left is some toasting and (blessedly) light conversation.











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