January 2005

As you may have heard, it's been snowy around here these days. In search of even more snow, we took off for a destination even further north, Camden, Maine. Camden is home of the Camden Snow Bowl, which boasts a ski run from which you can view the ocean on the way down. It also has an innertubing hill and a toboggan run which spits you out onto a frozen lake, and which will be hosting this year's U.S. National Toboggan Championships. And, while we were there we took some stunning action photographs, which, of course, just had to be put on the web. No pics of the tobogganing, but I'll try to get some stunning shots of that next time.


First, a non-action photo. Zoe and Sonia waiting to get to the top. (You might notice that Soren hasn't waited for us. He's already up there). 


Now we've got Soren....

Starting his run:


And approaching the finish:



After proving my sports photography prowess on those shots, I decided to raise the level of difficulty. The following shots were taken while I was sitting in an innertube, sliding down the hill, tethered to the tubes of Zoe, Sonia, and Zoe's brother Alan.

Here's Zoe enjoying the ride:



My chariot: 


Zoe - Kickin' Back:



Dang delayed-shutter auto-focus cameras. Good for nothing.

But I suppose the fact that I didn't drop the camera should be considered a success.






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