Our good friends tie the knot. Soren reads about stuffed rabbits and the nature of love. Andrew wears monkey suit.


The place. Glen Manor in Portsmouth, RI. 


Young Orator, before the show.


Us, just looking as hot as can be. Except for the red/white eye that I don't have time to get rid of just now.



The Bride, The Groom, and Andrew rehashing favorite Monty Python lines. Or something.



"Look Jal, Andrew's face is now BYU-approved!"



"Everybody in now!" Too much to ask to get five people's 'picture-faces' ready all at one time. At least everyone has their eyes open. Note that Soren has managed to lose the tie. But he did miraculously manage to avoid grass stains from the wiffle ball game that he and the other kids started up early-on in the post-ceremony festivities.







   Clarkwest Home