Winter 2003




For Valentine's Day, Soren's school put on a production of Grease (translated to Vaselina). The production was all in English, except for the introduction and conclusion, which was done in both languages. Soren was tapped for the English introduction/conclusion. Here he is in his Grease outfit before the show and, later, during the show (we obviously couldn't get a close-up). 

Zoe's and Andrew's Birthday

For their birthday (March 7), Zoe and Andrew (and Soren) went took a trip to the Oaxacan Coast around Puerto Angel. On the way back they stopped briefly by the city of Oaxaca.  

Zoe and Soren on the beach at Puerto Angel. Soren enjoying Cheetos, in addition to the sun.

Soren on the beach at San Agustinillo. San Agustinillo is just a few kilometers from Puerto Angel. The beach is amazingly pristine. We would highly recommend it to anyone interested in beaches, but not the large resort-type. There were few people there at the time of year we went, and we got some great seafood at one of the little family-run seaside restaurants that line the beach there.
The state of Oaxaca has an amazing amount of biodiversity. The city of Oaxaca's ethnobotanic gardens shows off some of it. To the left and below are a few pictures that Zoe took.



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