What can you say, incredible food, sights, and weather. Until we had to come back to Cambridge in late August (although, to be fair, the weather was rather incredibly good here for the first month we were back). Soren had a strong finish to his year in full-time Spanish school, by the end of which our Mexican friends were regularly telling us that he had a perfect accent (or no accent). Zoe, who arrived in Mexico speaking no Spanish, also made great strides, to the point where she was more than capable to act as tour director on extended trips with visiting family and friends Between the studies that all the Clarkwests were engaged in, we did manage a few lovely trips, where we got to know various parts of Mexico (for pictures of our first few months in Mexico, see the 2002 album). We do have some Fall pictures (along with some more Summer ones), but, unfortunately, we don't have them digitized yet.


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