Winter 2002  

Where's the snow? Well, after a quiet New Years at home, we went off in search of snow in January with our good friends: Robyn and Bill and their two kids Aaron and Grace and Julie and Lisa and their two kids Phoebe and Charlotte. We found some snow and the ocean in Maine. The rest of the winter we didn't complain (much) about the lack of snow as Andrew and Zoe were able to commute by bike to work almost without interruption. As winter began warming up it's toes in March, Soren's first permanent molars came in and one of them decided to come in with a vengence. Due to Soren's five day ordeal with that nasty toothache, Andrew and Zoe celebrated their birthday a few weeks late. If you've ever thought those cartoons of swollen face people with toothaches were exaggerating, well, see below.... 

Winter Travel Toothache and Belated Birthday for A & Z

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