A mild Cambridge winter and our move to Mexico

While there was not much snow in Cambridge--the new year--trip in to Maine, Our cozy apartment and living arrangements that allowed Soren to have almost siblings in Aaron and Grace. Zoe continued to work at Saguaro part-time and putter around the yard and tinker with words. Andrew taught, wrote, and won fantasy bastketball leagues, while recovering from the riduculous schedule he kept fall semester, and planning the move to Mexico. Zoe had planned to fly off to visit friends in France and Belgium for her 30th birthday, but cancelled a few weeks before--Soren as it turned out ended up in excruciating pain the whole week she would have been gone. After four days and nights of moaning and screaming, the offending tooth was pulled at Mass. Children's Hospital. What a horror it all was. Andrew and Zoe finally celebrated their birthday a few weeks later.  

After a lovely summer of talking to hollyhocks that grew no more than a few inches and eating out on the porches (ours and upstairs with the Churchill-Ladds on occasion), we got rid of almost all our stuff (surprising how much was still left), conned our good friends, Jal and Cheryl into storing it for us (ETERNAL GRATITUDE!), and climbed on an airplane with our five bags and six boxes and flew to Mexico, where Andrew started a position as a visiting scholar at the Benemrita Universidad Autnoma de Puebla. We live in the state of Puebla, the city of Cholula to be exact. Where the sidewalks are scrubbed every morning and the music blares all night. Firecrackers and bells wake the populous at 5:30am and the street dogs have regular meetings on the zcalo, where I think they plan how to keep the rat and cat populations invisible. After only two months here we began the traveling--thanks to Erin Harris for coming in November, we enjoyed the more temperate climate of Guanajuato while it was unseasonably cold in Cholula. 

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