Winter 2002--Toothache and Belated Birthdays

Soren's first permanent molar came in without enamel. We, of course did not know this. It's a long story but the second week of March--this is what our little boy looked like. Let's see if you can imagine what he sounded like.... After a week of back and forth from our dentist to Massachusetts Hospital, they finally pulled that thing--while it was not well anesthesized. Would they have done that to an adult? We think not. 
Does Soren look like he's feeling better? Apparently good enough to be reading Dr. Seuss and jumping into photos. Zoe and Andrew are finally celebrating their birthday--three weeks late. Zoe had planned to fly off to visit friends in France and Belgium for her 30th birthday, but cancelled a few weeks before--quelle chance, as Soren and Andrew (and Zoe) were glad she was around for the toothache.
For those who really want to know: Andrew and Zoe share a birthday cake, don't generally blow out candles (can you imagine the bonfire?), and yes, wrap each other's presents using construction paper and glitter glue. 



Last updated on June 30, 2003