Winter 1999/2000

Last Winter was a pretty quiet time for us. We had Christmas all on our lonesomes, just the three of us . . . and it was excellent. 1999 was the first Christmas that Soren could really get into, and he made the most of gift opening on Christmas morning, playing with each new toy for a good while after opening it. This made that portion of the day stretch out through the morning and even into the early afternoon, resulting in quite a relaxing and enjoyable time for the parents. 

For New Years Eve, we'd planned to head out for some festivities to usher in 2000, but Soren wasn't feeling well, so we stayed in and, again, had a quiet, but pleasant time. On New Years day we took a bit of a walk around in the crisp morning air, and ended up by happenstance at a commemorative ceremony at Prospect Hill in the neighboring town of Somerville. On January 1, 1776 the first flag of the American Colonies was flown at a fort there (there is now a tower built there in its place -- which shows up in a couple of the pictures here).

Christmas 1999

Soren and the New Train

More Christmas

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New Years Day At The Park

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