Fall 2000

After the jaunts out West and South earlier in the year, Zoe, Andrew, and Soren settled back into their normal Boston routine for the Fall. Of course, there was one notable change. Soren bravely made his first entry into a major American institution -- the public school system. In September he started in a two-way Spanish/English immersion program called Amigos. In the program, he switches back and forth between classrooms each week spending one week in an all-Spanish-speaking classroom, then the next in an all-English-speaking one. Andrew and Zoe were thrilled to find out about the program, and extra-thrilled when they managed to get in (after having been put on a wait-list), since Andrew had been speaking to Soren in Spanish full-time since Soren's birth, and they were hoping to find more ways to cultivate his abilities in the language. His teachers (he has different teachers for each of the two classrooms) are great, and Soren seems to be doing very well.

One highlight of the season was Halloween, for which Zoe designed and constructed a marvelous triceratops costume for Soren, which, unfortunately, none of our pictures seem to have been able to capture in its full splendor. Soren had his first real night out trick-or-treating, piling up a large stash of candy going door-to-door in North Cambridge with his friend Sophia Arnall. 
Spy Pond Halloween

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