Christmas 1999

Hello, family! Hello, friends!

If you made it here, you must have received our Christmas card. Unfortunately we didn't get these pages up and running before Christmas, but hopefully none of you ran immediately to your computers to check it out upon receipt of the card. For those of you who are interested, you should be able to find periodically updated information on us at this site for the indefinite future. We also just acquired a scanner, which we're having lots of fun with, so expect many pictures--both old and recent--in the near future. [Note that no photos of 1999 currently appear--just the links to notes about ourselves that year.--Photos for 1999 and earlier years will be added eventually--ojalá.--ZC, 2003] 
Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

So who does Soren look like? Andrew, Soren and Zoe--all at age 3.

Andrew Soren Zoe